Ask On Begley Street: Who’s designing the Begleys’ new home?

Posted March 16th, 2013 | 5 Comments

From the On Begley Street mailbox:

Q:It’s easy to be green but its not easy to be green and have good design. Who is designing your home? I’m interested to see what the design looks like. Do you have pics or a model? &#8212 Gregg

A: William Hefner is the architect. Here are some pictures.





  1. Linden Frank says:

    Please tell me you design a nice big kitchen for Rachelle. She deserves it pal.

  2. Reesi says:

    Need to speak to someone about new carpet toxicity and Green furniture
    God Bless

  3. Gerald McClain says:

    You only need half the number of solar panels if you install a ground source heat pump system. Use mother earth constant temperture of 62 degrees to heat and cool home and provide hot water. I have a 6000 sf home with 9 tons three units 4,3 and 2 ton units. 6 boreholes 300′ deep 1″ HDPE plastic pipe which will last 50 plus years. $75 per month average electric bill for running Hvac system. Saves 30-70% on energy. Get 30% tax credit plus electric utility gives $200 per ton in Stillwater OK. California has recently approved new bill to make ground source heat pump systems easier to install. We will be in Las Vegas Jun 18-20 for the energy management conference sponsored by aee association of energy engineers.

  4. Arthur Blumenthal says:

    Miss you pal. Thanks for your help during the hurricane. Hope your house is all that you want it to be. Call when you have a chance

  5. Meredith Lancaster says:

    I understand you help power your home with electricity created by riding your bicycle. Can you tell me how this works? Is there a place I can find out how to convert a regular bike into one that produces electricity… and how is that power captured and used? Meredith

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