‘On Begley Street’ announces Green Wish donation

Posted March 15th, 2012 | 0 Comments

New web series from Ed and Rachelle Begley supports the not for profit foundation Green Wish™.

SHERMAN OAKS, CA., March 12, 2012 – Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson-Begley do more than just document the building of America’s greenest home in their new web series, ON BEGLEY STREET. The show now helps communities go green through donations to Green Wish™.

Ed Begley Jr., one of the most recognized names in the environmental movement, is creating a web series to help promote and share how to go about living green by documenting his own green building efforts. But he isn’t stopping there: He and the producers of the show are donating a portion of the proceeds to Green Wish™ to help others accomplish their own green building efforts.

“We want to do more than just share the knowledge. We want to enable people into action, and Green Wish is a direct means to do just that,” says Ed Begley Jr.

Green Wish™ is a nonprofit, charitable organization that assists local green organizations in funding community-oriented projects with the help of local retailers and online fund sourcing.

“It is really a great synergistic relationship that the series has with Green Wish. We test things out, show the audience what works, and they can try to incorporate that into their own communities, potentially with the help of Green Wish to make it possible,” says Billy Frank, executive producer of the series and owner of Make It Happen Productions.

“We really hope to see our efforts here, researching affordable means to go green, benefit actual communities around the world. By working with Green Wish™, we are much closer to accomplishing that goal,” says Rachelle Carson-Begley.

According to Raphael Sbarge, who founded Green Wish™, “It is truly wonderful to have my close friends demonstrate their support for Green Wish™ by sharing their project with us. It’s just another reminder of what incredible people the Begleys are.”

ON BEGLEY STREET is a production of Make it Happen Productions. It is currently in production in Los Angeles, and slated to debut in fall 2012.

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