To Build a Sustainable Home, You Will Need The Best Welding Helmet

To Build a Sustainable Home, You Will Need The Best Welding Helmet

Constructing an abode for oneself is one of the instincts that all creatures have and prioritize. Man, birds of the air, animals in the forest and creatures in the sea all have an environment where they survive and some create permanent sites where their families may sleep or rest. Be it a dentist, a nest or a home, the purpose served is the same. To have a roof over our heads. The man however historically builds structures of immense complexity and ends up taking more from the environment creating an imbalance that is not sustainable in the long run. It has taken thousands of years but the idea that we have to incorporate sustainability has already caught up with us.

The most important tool for construction in the future will be a welding helmet and you will require several if at all you are going to make your humble abode. Some may ask why the welding helmet more than any other, what role does it play in the sustainability of our environment if any.

To answer that question requires a reflection back to all materials that have been used for construction before, a look at an emerging trend and a peek at what is to be ultimately the future of the construction industry. Initially, man lived in natural caves before moving out to construct homes of earth, then he baked bricks, excavated stones, and hew wood to make his home. The structures kept getting higher and higher finally making skyscrapers and at this point, he realized that wood and stone were a bit on the heavy side

Thus the concrete and steel column became the new trend. Steel is also the new material of choice for roofing framework as opposed to timber which was a drain in the forest resources. Deforestation is one of the dangers that human beings Will start to control through the change in the way we build our homes.

Designers have emerged who take sustainability in building to new heights embracing the concept of environmental responsibility taking it into account in the way they envision their projects. Travel around the world and you will marvel at the complexity of projects like ‘city walk’ or Jumeirah beach by a developer in Dubai which have used recycled shipping containers and other local materials to create engineering marvels. This is a trend spreading all the way to Shanghai China and all Asia, in Africa, Europe, and Latin America and also in Continental America and Canada.

That welding helmet will soon replace the traditional mason ’s helmet in all aspects to reduce the debris and dust and for a good cause. It is the duty and responsibility of all of us to aspire for a cleaner, better and greener environment both for today’s sake and the future.

Welding helmets are expensive but are usually a one-off cost. You buy today and it lasts a lifetime. Our environment is precious. There is no monetary value to calculate its value and its destruction will herald our fall from grace to grass. We have to change the way we do things. Order your welding helmet today.

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